• Nick and Elen

Winter Wonderland two hours from Athens

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Can you spot us?

For us, 2019 started with a short trip to one of the most popular and picturesque winter destinations for Athenians, Trikala of Corinth. The small village of the Peloponnese region, actually consists of three districts built on Mt Kylini: Lower, Middle and Upper Trikala of Corinth, the second one being the most visited one. Trikala of Corinth is only a two hour drive away from Athens and it's also ideal for a pleasant daytrip for families, couples or group of friends.


One thing that Trikala has in abundance is super cozy and picturesque accommodation options. Hotels and guest houses are traditionally built of stone and wood and make the village look even cuter. We stayed at Trikalon Muses Art Suites, which we honestly can't recommend enough! The owners are very friendly and hospitable and were more than willing to help us with anything we needed. We felt truly welcomed there and were more than happy to know that not only was their breakfast 100% handmade but we could also have it served at the ease of our room. All of the suites are fully autonomous, equipped with a fireplace, a living room and a balcony.

Homemade breakfast, served at our room


Another thing that Trikala has in abundance is food. Really good food. We had dinner at Opos Palia and at our hotel's restaurant and got really amazed by both the high quality of everything we tasted and the cozy atmosphere we found at both places. Don't forget to try their regional wines either! Shopping at one of the area's traditional products shops, where you'll find handmade wooden kitchen utensils, homemade jam and much more, is also a must.

Our hotel's dining area

Feeling cozy inside Opos Palia, wathcing the snow falling


Adventure lovers will be more than satisfied at Trikala of Corinth, since the region offers a lot of options when it comes to hiking and trekking paths, snow activities at Ziria Ski Centre, horseback riding and visits to nearby Dassiou and Stymfalia Lakes. A bit outside Upper Trikala, you' ll also find the picturesque monastery of St Vlassios, where the nuns will warmly welcome you.

Foggy times, at Ziria Ski Centre

St Vlassios Monastery

Useful information

Winter can be quite heavy at Trikala of Corinth, so if you choose to go there by car make sure you have snow chains with you. Due to the snow, some problems may arise when it comes to transportation, but on the other hand, it's the snow that makes Trikala of Corinth such a magical winter wonderland, which we were lucky enough to visit during winter. Fingers crossed we'll be back in the region in spring, to also see the amazing nature that was hidden under the white veil.

Walking to the unknown (quite literally)

Traditional art craft shop, burried under the snow

The view from the monastery