• Nick and Elen


It's Tuesday evening. You're back home from the office, grabbing a bite and watching TV. You stumble upon that movie, in which the main actor decides to quit his conventional life, escape the 9-5 box and travel the world. You instantly feel inspired, wish you could be just like him, then turn the TV off and go to bed. When you wake up at 8am to go to the office, you have already forgotten both the movie and the inspirational thoughts it gave you. The reason is because you never thought that you could REALLY just quit everything, book that ticket and TRAVEL!

But guess what; YOU CAN!

Here's why you should do it right now :

You are the youngest you will ever be

Regardless your current age, you know that you will never be as young as you are this exact moment. I'm not saying that getting old should be a barrier but let's be honest : it's a lot easier to start travelling in your youth. Your soul is on fire, you are more motivated to go after your dreams and even your body helps you, as its energy levels are much higher. Your mind is more "flexible'' and you can get easily adapted to almost any situation and idea. And believe me, if you start travelling during your young days, you'll find it a lot easier to keep doing so as you grow up.

Conditions will never be perfect

You know what I mean, right? You just have to deal with the idea that you will probably never have the perfect combination of sufficient money, lots of free time and a great company. So just stop waiting for that utopic moment, because that moment is NOW! You are the one who will make the conditions perfect as long as you are determined to travel, see the world and educate yourself through your travel experiences. Setting priorities in your life will help you find that extra free time you need in order to travel. Dealing with money wisely will provide you the means to hit the road. And if none of your friends wants to join you, don't be afraid of the idea to travel solo and make new friends in the places you'll go!

Tomorrow is not promised

Well, this one might sound a bit sad, scary or even macabre but it couldn't be closer to the truth and you know it. What's the point in delaying your dreams when you can't be sure that you'll be given another chance to make them come true? Seize the day, appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life and enjoy this exact moment of your existence. Live like it's your last day, but always dream as you will live forever...

You know you want it

Don't you? If a life full of travels is what you want, then make it happen. Book that ticket now and live your own dream, the way you want to. Travel as long, as much, as far and as often as you want and can. Don't get stuck to stereotypes, just let yourself go. Never be disappointed if things don't turn out to be just how you had imagined them and always keep your eyes, heart and mind open to new ideas and new ways to travel. Life is too short not to be lived as you desire!

Happy travels everyone!!!