• Nick and Elen


For a bit more than a year now, we have been travelling as a couple both in Greece and abroad and all we can say is that travelling is the one thing we are obsessed with and what we want to keep doing for as long as we can.

The more we travel, the longer our travel bucket list gets and the stronger our desire to see the world grows!

Apart from thrilling experiences, great memories and exciting photos, travelling has also offered us the chance to be taught a few things about our relationship and how being co-travellers has helped us grow.

So, we'd love to share with you all of the things we've leant so far from our travelling experience as a couple and encourage you as well to grab your other half and go see the world!


Working together with your significant other to achieve your common goals is one of the most important things in a relationship. Of course you can learn how to collaborate with your partner, even if you don't travel that much, but when you do let's just say that things get a bit bigger and more serious. We've learnt how to collaborate when it comes to planning, preparing and actually experiencing the whole trip together, and that's priceless!

Trusting each other

Sometimes preparing a journey can be very demanding and spliting tasks might be necessary. That's exactly the point where you need to trust the person you're in a relationship with and vice versa. Confidence to one another is equally significant during the trip itself though. Show confidence in your partner’s research about the place you’re visiting, as well as his or her instincts. Guess how much this will help you in your relationship in general!!!

Dreaming together

Is there such thing as sharing the same dreams with your other half has? Well, maybe living them together! Travelling has helped us a lot to dream and anticipate for the same things, thrills and experiences and that’s something we’ve also learnt to do in our life back home, when we don’t travel. The sense of jointly building the future gets to a whole new level, when two people dream together.


Working and dreaming together, as well as trusting each other, doesn’t mean that all of your flaws will magically disappear. Mistakes will still be happening and sometimes things just won’t work out the way you’d planned them to. But, that’s okay! Mistakes are also part of the plan and getting mad at each other every time something goes wrong, won’t help. At all. This past year of travelling has taught us that seizing the day with the person you love is far more important, fruitful and even useful than blaming each other.

Mastering communication skills

Since during our travels it’s (almost always) just the two of us, we get to spend a lot of time together, laughing with the same things, meeting the same people and having the same experiences. This means that without even understanding it, a common communication code is created between us and we are brought even closer!

Brussels, Belgium - October '15

Getting to know each other

The more time we spend together, the deeper we get to know each other. Since back home we don’t live together, travelling as a couple is a great opportunity to experience each other for days, becoming familiar with each other’s needs, sense of humour and weaknesses. Once again, precious lessons to take back home!

Exploring new places together

When we travel, we always share the same passion of having new adventures and getting to discover brand new cities, picturesque villages, impressive parks, peaceful lakes and so much more. No need to tell you how fascinating it is to see each other reacting to each and every new stimulus that lays ahead us.

Trying new things together

From exotic tastes to extreme sports, everything feels better when we try it together for the first time! Thus, we learn how to cope with unexpected stuff or things that get us out of our comfort zone, back home. Not to mention that pushing our limits and overcoming our fears during our journeys, make us grow as people and partners.

Dealing with trouble

As mentioned before, there are so many things that can possibly go wrong during a journey. And most of the times...something will! Although no one likes it when s***t happens, we do believe that this is the only way we can actually learn how to deal these or those problems. Through our travel experience, we've been taught that panicing is certainly the worst thing we can do, whearas staying united and looking for a solution, is the best option ever. Which is also the case when it comes to relationship problems even while not travelling.

Learning things together

So, the 10th thing we've learnt is to... learn things together! And by "learning" we mean been socially educated through our travels. When visiting a different country, we get to see not only the touristic highlights and the jaw dropping monuments, but also how people live there, what kind of problems they face, how their life is both different and similar to ours and that's probably the best part of a journey for us. This way, our moral values get re-constructed and we gain a common prespective of how we see the world.

Creating memories

Honestly, we can't think of better stories to share with our friends, families and (future)children, than travel ones! Thinking that our present experiences will be our future memories for a life, only encourages us to travel more and more, to as many places as possible!

Rovinj, Croatia - August '16

So, just in case you had any second thoughts about travelling as a couple, we really hope we made them vanished through this post. We reassure you that all of the things described above will also have an amazing reflect and impact on your life as a couple back home and will only make your bonds stronger and deeper.

What about you? What's the best part of travelling as a couple, in your opinion? Comment below to let us know!