• Nick and Elen


Who said you need to spend a fortune to explore a city?

Here's a quick guide of our favourite five things we did in Budapest for free :

#6 Fisherman's Bastion

When on the Buda side of the city, you'll have to visit one of Budapest's most popular monuments; the Fisherman's Bastion. Not only it's for free but the panoramic view from up there will take your breat away! Don't miss it...

#5 Citadella Hill (day or night)

You can climb up the Citadella Hill (also situated in Buda), any time of the day, using a bike or your own two feet. Believe us,the stunning view will pay you back for the sweat you'll shed. It's also a good way to get a good sense of orientation and have a full picture of the city.

#4 Heroes' Square

Walk all the way up to Heroes' Square in the northen part of Pest, through the famous Andrassy avenue, Budapest's most aristocratic street. Right in the center of the square you'll see the Millenium monument and all the way around it, some of the city's most imposing museums and galleries.

#3 City Park

Walk right behind the Heroes' Square and you'll find yourself in Budapest's City Park.

In there, you'll also find the famous Szechenyi Baths (photo above), Budapest's zoo and lots of green space which will make you forget you are a city tourist.

#2 Great Market Hall

Step into Budapest's Great Market Hall and just stroll around its numeruous counters and kiosks. On the ground floor you'll find local delights, traditional wines and groceries, while on the second floor souvenir and handcraft shops are situated.

#1 Margaret Island

If you need to take a break from the city's hustle and bustle, then Margaret Island is the right place for you. Take a walk or ride your bike in this peacful green oasis, right in the middle of Danube River. Let your steps take you to the island's monuments and churches and enjoy some moments of bliss inside the Japanese gardens.

To sum up, just wander around this beautiful city and remember that getting lost isn't always a bad idea!

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