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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Mother's Day 2017 is only a breath away and it's the perfect chance to show some gratitude to the most special woman in your life, the one who gave you life and/or brought you up and made you the beautiful person you are today; your mother.

You can get a bouquet of her favourite flowers, take her out to dinner, spend the entire day with her or...book tickets for the two of you and go on an adventure. So, if this last option sounds the most appealing to you, we've got your back!

Here are our most favourite destinations in Europe for celebrating Mother's day with our one and only!

Paris, if she's a romantic mum

Starting with an obvious one, Paris is and always be an old time classic destination for any occasion really! Stroll the streets of Montmartre, have a pic-nic under the Eiffel Tower, climbe up the Arc de Triomphe and eat your weight in croissants and baguettes! No mum in the entire universe would not feel like a queen in the French capital!

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Bruges, if she's into fairytales

Very little needs to be said about Belgium's cutest town! Take a boat ride and wander around Bruge's narrow paths with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, before grabbing some fries for lunch and waffels for dessert! Yummy yummy!

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Budapest, if she's a cool ma

In one word, Budapest is impressive af! Especially when seen from above (climb up the Citadel hill) and from the water. Don't forget to take an afternoon cruise to have the chance to watch one of the prettiest sunsets ever and if your mum is into classical music, remember to book tickets for a concert at Budapest's Opera House. You'll thank us later.

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Copenhagen, if she's a stylish mum

Colourful, green and full of "hygge" places, Copenhagen will bring you and your mum closer AND you'll come back with some interesting ideas on updating your wardrobe and home deco (sorry dads!).

London, if she's a city girl

Sticking once again to Europe's classics, we're suggesting you taking your mama to London if she's the ultimate city girl! From musical nights to street frood , the options you'll have are endless and you can always take a daytrip or two, if you have some extra time left. Oxford for example is a great choice but expect your mum to start wondering why is her offspring not a student there (unless you are, so no worries!).

Rome, if she's a classic's lovers

Delicious food, ancient history, stunning architecure and stylished people all around: you name it, Rome has it! Take a walk with your mum in the Trastevere region and opt for gelato breakkies, pasta lunches and pizza dinners all day every day, when in Rome. Diet menus can wait.

Berlin, if she's an alternative mum

Although still on our bucketlist, we've only heard great things for Berlin and its vibrant atmosphere. Take your mum to the Berlin Wall and let her tell you stories about what she was doing back in 1989 and how she experienced the news of the Fall, in wherever she was.

Athens, if she's into history

Wander around the places where Socrates himself used to live, taste some unique street food and enjoy the sun on the Athenian riviera with your mum and maybe you can go island hopping afterwards! Not bad, uh?

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Zurich, if she's a choco lover

Of course there are tons of other reasons to visit Zurich but chocolate is our personal favourite and it's actually the sweetest way to celebrate with your mum too! Go up to Lindenhof Hill, to get beautiful views over the city. So, Zurich it is!

Anywhere really, if she's all of the above

...and we know she is!

Sending our love to all the mamas of the world


Nick and Elen

London, Copenhagen and Berlin pictures are from pixabay.com

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