• Nick and Elen


Let's be honest with this one : when you think of romance, your mind most probably goes to Paris, Rome or Prague but certainly not to Slovenia. And vice versa when you hear of Slovenia, you don't think of romantic dinners and lovers holding hands. Right? Well, let's just say that this post is about showing you (or at least trying to) that Slovenia and romance do relate and actually in a magnificent way.


The slovenian capital could not be left out from our list. This city is almost too pretty and cute to be a capital one. Its river, the colourful little houses on the banks, the cute bistros in the cobblestone paved historical center and the beautiful castle on top of the hill protecting the city, set the ultimate romantic scene and make Ljubljana one of the prettiest european capitals and certainly one of the most romantic places you could visit in Slovenia.

Lake Bled

Everyone knows that lakes have always been sources of inspiration to artists and lovers all over the world. Lake Bled in Slovenia couldn't be the exception to the rule. The small island situated in the middle of tha lake, as well as the nearby castle and the surrounding mountains, make Lake Bled even more scenic and ideal for romantic walks and boat rides. The landscape is beyond charming all year round, although it gets pretty crowded in the summer.


Piran is a well kept secret in Europe and when it comes to secrets, taking the road less travelled is always a good idea. This little slovenian town is found on the Istrian peninsula, very close to the croatian and italian borders and could be described as picturesque, peacful and... romantic of course. Weather you go strolling around its narrow alleyways or admiring the architecture of Piran's old town, this pure adriatic gem will steal your heart. We can only recommend you to climb up the bell tower or the city walls and catch one of those magnificent sunsets that Piran has to offer.