• Nick and Elen


Summer's almost on the corner and having already booked this year's vacay (can't say much about the destination but our hint would be...#europe), we caught ourselves having throwbacks of our 2015 summer holidays in Greece. We had decided to spend a full week on Zante island, located in the Ionian Sea, somewhere between Greece and Italy. Can you think of a more idyllic location?

Zante's most popular beach is ''Shipwreck''. As its name claims, the beach was named after a shipwreck which occured back in 1980. The ship's body is still on the beach and thousands of tourists visit it each year. Shipwreck is also one of the cleanest and best beaches worldwide, often ranked among the most popular and scenic ones. It can only be reached by boat and as you can imagine, there are quite a lot of companies, organising trips to the island's most reknowable site.

Don't forget to ask the locals about the ultimate view point, reached by car.

And, if you are an extreme sports' lover don't miss the bungee-jumping spot, on the top of the cliffs around the beach!

If you claim yourslef to be a seeker of less known and quite secret places, then take notes on this one. Located in the southern waters of Zante, you'll find the Turtle Island, a small inhabited mediterranean slice of heaven, where sea turtles lay their eggs annualy. The island is part of Zante's Sea Park and volunteers make sure that no one and nothing will harm either the turtles or their eggs.

The small island's most visited beach is situated on its front side and looks pretty exotic, mostly because of its white sand and turquoise waters.

But, if you want our opinion, the best part of the island is on its back side, which is full of mysterious caves to be discovered and isolated beaches to be enjoyed by lovers...

WARNING! Swimming in those caves is ultra romantic and might make you want to be transformed into a mermaid and stay there forever!

Both Shipwreck and Turtle Island's beaches are not equipped with umbrellas so make sure to bring your own, as the greek sun can get extremely hot during the summer months. Don't forget your water and food supplies either!

Now, if you fancy visiting a fully equipped beach on Zante island as well and enjoy your milkshake/smoothie or cocktail by the sea, then Banana beach is strongly recommended.

For a natural spa experience on the island, you need to visit Azzuro beach, where you can take a green gray clay mud bath, which will smoothen and regenerate your skin within minutes!

Needless to say that before leaving the island, you should devote a full (or at least half a ) day, exploring its capital, Zante town. Its cathedral church - St. Dionysios- is one of the most beautiful churches in Greece, so try not to miss the chance of entering it. Unlike some churches in Europe, the greek ones never have an entrance fee!

Souvenir shopping and lazy walks in the town's narrow streets are also not to be missed. For an amazing view of the town, go up to Bohali region.

Happy summer vacation planning, restless feeters


Nick and Elen