• Nick and Elen


Despite travelling is our greatest passion and never do we ever book trips just to tick things off our travel list, there’s still a handful of thrills we do want to experience and places we long to lay our eyes on!

So, here’s our “bucket list” when it comes to travelling:

1. See the Northern Lights

No matter where from, seeing the Northern Lights is definitely one of the experiences we’d love to have some day.

2. Walk on the Great Wall of China

China is really high in our travel list but the Great Wall does deserve a special place in it, for sure!

3. Visit Machu Pichu, Peru

Definitely one of the most jaw dropping sites, one could lay eyes on! The long journey which is required to get there, along with the special climate conditions, only make it more charming to our eyes.

4. Have a picnic under Eiffel Tower

It’s not just about Paris, where "la vie est belle", it's also about all of the glory which comes with this city.

5. See the sun rising over the Swiss Alps

Is there such thing as waking up to the view of the imposing Swiss Alps and seeing the sun rising over their snow covered tops? We imagine not.

6. Go on a safari in Africa

Lions, rhinos, hippos, zebras, all in their natural habitat and all so close to safari visitors! Such a once in a lifetime experience, we don’t want to miss!

7. Visit NYC

There’s just something about visiting the so called metropolis of the western world that we can’t resist at. Maybe it’s Hollywood to blame, or maybe it’s just our wanderlust spirit…who can tell?

8. Visit Petra, Jordan

In our minds that’s the definition of living history, so how can we not want to visit it ASAP???

9. Float on the Dead Sea

For now, we can only imagine how floating on water must feel like… Key words: for now.

10. Visit the Highlands, Scotland

Ready to wear our kilts, grab a bagpipe and go explore what’s said to be Scotland’s prettiest part. Endless greenery, dreamy lakes and spooky legends…it couldn’t get any better!

11. Go castle hunting in Bavaria, Germany

Nothing beats the feeling of visiting scenaries, only seen in Disney movies!

12. Visit Japan

Have you ever felt like visiting a country, where every single thing and sector of life is 100% different than everything you've been knowing? For us, that country is Japan!

13. Drive from SF to LA, USA

If that's not the ultimate road trip, then we don't know what it is...

14. Get lost in the souks of Morocco

Can't think of a better place to live as gypsy princes for a while!

15. Ride a gondola in Venice

Might sound a bit cheesy, but who said cheesy ain't good?

16. Explore SE Asia

From Thailand to Vietnam and from Cambodia to Malaysia, South East Asia has been calling us for a while now!

17. Visit Iceland

There are some countries which you fall in love with before even getting to visit them... We're looking at you Iceland!

18. Selfie with the Pyramids in Egypt

Totally touristy but who are we not to do it?

19. Explore the Amazon jungle

Our inner Indiana Jones wants to get there for some adventures!

20. Watch the sunset from Santorini, Greece

It's a shame we haven't been to Santorini yet, but we will soon!!!

The photos of Japan, Venice and Santorini, as well as this post's first photo, were taken from our website editor's free to use pictures.