• Nick and Elen


It comes with no doubt that Budapest's visitors should enjoy Danube river as much as they can and in every possible way. What's really great about the part of the river which is in Budapest is that it's a piece of the city and actually an important one as it divides and at the same time unites Buda and Pest. Wether by taking a walk along the river's banks, or just kicking back on a bench right next to the river, the view will leave you speechless, that's for sure.

My boyfriend and I decided to book tickets for a wine tasting river cruise on our second day in the city. If you are interested in having a cruise on Danube, make sure to book the right one for you, as there are numeruous companies organising quite a lot of types of cruises. You can choose between lunch or dinner cruises, ''club'' cruises, day or evening cruises and simple ones. The prices are respectively varying.

Our cruise started at 7 pm, when the sun was ready to set. Soon, the sky started showing off for us and we were pretty sure that we were gonna have the most romantic cruise of our lives, so far. And we were right!

Wines started being served and to our relief, we liked pretty much all of them. Well,to make a long story short, we had already tasted some local wines the evening before and found them too sweet and sparkling for our tastes. We had wrongly came down to the conclusion that all of the hungarian wines would taste like that and were a bit ''scary'' of what we were about to taste during the cruise. We couldn't be more wrong.

At the end of the cruise, we almost wanted to buy a bottle of each one of them! (Which we did not but at least we had the intention to).

About an hour after the beginning of the cruise, when the sun had set, the city lights made our view even more impressive. Some of Budapest's most beaytiful buildings, like the Royal Palace and the Parliament House, suddenly became a bit more imposing.

We were in a complete state of awe!

So if you are reading this post while planning your escape to Budapest, be sure to book a river cruise. You'll thank us later!

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