• Nick and Elen


Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Are you making plans for your trip to Paris and need some inspirational songs to sing along? You are in the right place! Volume up and enjoy...

#1 Sous le ciel de Paris - Yves Montand

Maybe the No 1 song which comes to our mind when we think of Paris...

Such an ol'time classic!


#2 Dernière danse - Indila

It's not just the song. It's (mostly) the video clip...


#3 Midnight in Paris - The Soundtrack

There's just something about this song that makes us feel so nostalgic about Paris!

Have you watched the movie?


#4 Amelie - The Soundtrack

No comments ain't needed...


#5 Champs Elysees

Yes, we could spend all of our days in Paris having this one song stuck in our heads and being totally fine with it....

All videos were found on Youtube.com

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