• Nick and Elen


Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Welcome to the second part of our 13 days summer route through Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina (+a bit of Austria and Italy). You can read the first part of it here, just in case you missed it.

After having filled our batteries on our first night in Zadar, we took the road to Croatia's most popular (among many) national park, Plitvice Lakes! We woke up early in the morning, in an effort to avoid the crowds and even though we thought we didn't make such a good job at it when we got there, at around 10 am, we were proved wrong as a few hours later, the Park was flooded with even more visitors! Take a moment to read our quick guide to Plitvice Lakes, if you plan to visit the park, as it's quite big and a bit of preparation will help.

The next morning found us back on the road again, this time en route to Split where we'd stay for the next three days. After we arrived in Split, we decided to visit the nearby town of Trogir and took some time to relax, eating pizza and gelato (yes, the italian impact is pretty stong all along the croatian coastline) and just wandering aimlessly. Wether it was about its clock tower or about the fact that not many tourists visit it, we found Trogir cuter than cute!

When the next day arrived, we got off to the next country according to our itinerary, Bosnia Herzegovina (BIH)! We spent a full day there and got to visit Mostar, Tekija Blagaj and its capital city, Sarajevo. It's true that BIH made us feel we had stepped outside Europe and straight into the chaoting charm of Middle East. We did our shopping (Bosnia is unbelievably cheap), ate local pastries and admired the landscapes, before getting back to our base, Split.

On our last day in Split, we actually got to explore it! Split is one of Croatia's most visited cities for two main reasons : first of all, the Diocletian's palace and Split's old town in general charm the masses with their long history, glory and beauty. Secondly, Split is the main harbour where boats to the dalmatian islands depart from. These two factors really make Split the ideal city, if you wish to go both sightseeing in a historical place and take several daytrips or cruises to some of the country's most popular islands, such as Hvar, Vis and Korcula.

The last two days of our trip had (already) arrived and were spent in Croatia's most popular resort, Dubrovnik. Visitors from all over the world go there, to see themselves one of the most well preserved medieval towns, which also happens to be the one with the longest protecting walls in Croatia (2km!). The other reason why Dubrovnik attracts so many tourists each year, is of course Game of Thrones, as this was one of the series' main filming locations. At this point, we have to admit that we have not watched a single episode of GoT... However, we found Dubrovnik more than appealing and wished we had even more days to enjoy it.