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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Located in northen Switzerland, is Zurich, the country's largest city, however not its capital, despite what many people believe. Globaly known as one of the busiest financal centres and most expensive cities in all Europe, Zurich has a lot to offer to its visitors, even if you only have one day to explore it. River Limmat and Lake Zurich add a lot to Zurich's beauty and set the perfect scene for a typical Swiss city.

Wether you're into art, shopping, fine chocolate or aimless wandering, Zurich won't let you down. Zurich's airport is among the busiest ones in Europe and many travellers use it as a transit station for their international flights, so the chances for you to find cheap airfares are rather good! Alternatively, you can reach Zurich by train, departing from nearby Lucerne or Bern.

When we visited Switzerland earlier this year, we used Zurich as our basis for daytrips and devoted 24 hours to explore the city itself. So, here are all the things we would suggest you to do in Zurich, if you only have one day there.

Walk by Limmat River

Our exploration of the city started on the banks of its river, Limmat, which issues from lake Zurich. This is where you can walk or ride your bike and have beautiful views of the city before start getting lost in the Old Town's alleways.

Explore the Old Town

Definitely the most interesting and charming part of Zurich, is its Old Town, also known as Altstadt, spread on both sides of Limmat river. This is where you'll find some of Zurich's most significant and popular sights, such as Lindenhof and the Grossmunster, the famous shopping street Bahnhofstrasse, the Town Hall, one of the city's most photographed medieval streets called Augustinergasse and much more.

Visit Lindenhofplatz

Our personal favourite spot in Zurich was, hands down, Lindenhofplatz. Located on top of Lindenof hill, this platform offers great views over the Old Town and the river and is also the ideal place to pace down and just enjoy Zurich from above.


This is said to be Zurich's prettiest street and thus, among the most photographed spots too. Colouful buildings and elegant architecture reign this street and you will find endless options when it comes to coffee or lunch breaks and shopping.

Visit the Grossmunster aka Cathedral

Not only is it one of the biggest and main churches in the city, but its twin towers are also known as Zurich's most recognized landmark. Once a monastery and today a church, the Grossmunster is located in the Old Town and offers spectacular views of the city if you choose to climb up.

Taste some good chocolate

If you're looking for the perfect end to a perfect day of discovering Zurich, then a cup of fine, hot Swiss chocolate is the answer. And of course nothing can go wrong when it comes to Swiss chocolate. The option you have in Zurich are endless and Cafe Schober is said to have the best hot chocolate in town. We also tasted some at Cafe Henrici, and could only recommend it!

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