• Nick and Elen

Norwegian fjords: one day packed itinerary

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Let’s say you only have very limited time to explore Norway and can only devote one single day to experience the geological miracle of the fjords. Where should you start from and what can you NOT miss? We’ve got you covered with this one day packed itinerary which will allow you to see the Norwegian nature at its best, starting and ending in the city of Bergen.

Bergen-Flam cruise:

Start your day of explorations with one of Norway’s most beautiful cruises. The ship departs Bergen at 8 am and arrives at Flam at around 2 pm. Spend no time inside the ship and dare to enjoy the whole cruise out on the deck, for amazing views.

Flam-Gudvangen cruise

Once you arrive in Flam, you have a few minutes available to grab a bite or drink something warm from one of the village’s food stalls, before hopping onto the next ship which will take you to Gudvangen, through Naeroyfjord . That second ship sails on really low speed and makes zero noise, allowing passengers to enjoy nature’s peace and harmony. The cruise ends in Gudvagen, where you’ll be magically transferred back to when Vikings ruled the area. Opt for this cruise-bus combo, so that you get back to Flam by bus and save some precious time.

Flam-Stegastein view point

Sailing through the fjords is priceless, but no one ever said no to amazing viewpoints, right? Hop on the bus to get to Stegastein Viewing Platform to enjoy breathtaking views over the fjords. The bus will take you back to Flam.


This route is ranked among Europe’s scenic train rides and you can’t miss it. You will get to ride through lush green nature, innumerous waterfalls and cute timber cabins. The train makes a 10 minute stop at Kjosfossen, where you can hop off for a few photos. A small mythological surprise will be set up for you, so be prepared.


By 7pm, it will be about time for you to head back to Bergen, via train from Myrdal. Head to Bryggen, grab a cold beer and look back to the unforgettable day you had exploring the best Norway has to offer.