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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Apart from its exotic beaches and luxury island resorts, Malasyia's scenic tea plantations are not to be missed either. Only a 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, you'll find Cameron Highlands, named after a British surveyor who was sent to map the area back in the 1880's. Famous for their cool climate and fresh produce, the Cameron Highlands form some of Malaysia's most stunning landscape sceneries.

Although there are a few travel agencies which organise daytrips to the Highlands from KL, we suggest spending 1-2 full days to explore the area. Firstly, because getting there on a daytrip means that you'll spend a minimum of 6 hours on the road (which by the way gets too windy as you go up the highlands) and secondly, because you'll most probably feel the need to slow down and just enjoy that part of Malaysia a bit more.

For your accommodation, we'd suggest Cameron Highlands Resort if you wish to spoil yourslef, or Arundina Cameron Highlands if your budget is a bit tighter.



Exploring the endless tea plantations is obviously the No 1 must have experience when you visit Cameron Highlands. We visited the BOH Tea centre, which is said to offer the highest quality tea in the area. With no entrance fee at all, you can visit their factory, roam around the plantations themselves, get some souvenirs from their tea shop and of course drink some tea overlooking the stunning scenery.


Apart from tea, Cameron Highlands are also known for their all year round fresh and yummy strawberries. In some of the farms you can even pick your own strawberries for a few MYR, if you want to. If not, you can still buy some freshly picked ones or take a jar of jam back home with you for your nostalgic breakkies!


Orang Asli, also known as Cameron Highlands' aboriginal people, are said to be the country's oldest inhabitants. Their micro-society was established thousands of years ago and is mostly based on matriarchy. When you visit the area you'll get to see how they live, in traditional houses built onto pillars to keep the family safe from floods and reptiles.


On your way from Kuala Lumpur to the Highlands and right after the small town of Tapah, make a stop at Lata Iskandar Waterfall. The fall itself is quite impressive and we were told by our tour guide that strong flows of water come down the waterfall 365 days per year. At the base of Lata Iskandar you'll also find a small flea bazaar, where locals and even members of the Orang Asli tribe sell craft works, snacks and veggies.

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