• Nick and Elen

Is Da Nang worth visiting?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Da Nang is one of Vietnam's largest cities, found in the center of the country. Thanks to its location, it is a great destination between Vietnam's capital in the north, Hanoi, and the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh city, in the south. Although there is not a lot to see in the city itself, it can be a great base for visiting popular sites in the area. At the same time, Da Nang offers some really great options when it comes to budget friendly luxurious hotels and spa facilities, so it's also the ideal place to take a city break in between adventures. Cool places for food and coffee are in abundance too. Da Nang City is easily accessible, not only thanks to its very central location but also due to the fact that it has both an airport and a train station, connecting it with other big cities of Vietnam and SE Asia, like Singapore and Bangkok. Da Nang's most famous site is the Dragon Bridge, constructed in the shape of a...dragon (obvsly), which is also Vietnam's longest bridge (666 meters long! ). 

The most famous thing to do in Da Nang though is visiting My Khe Beach, a 30 km long white sanded beach, with lines of palm trees, resort hotels, restaurants and a handful of water sport activities to choose from.

Instagram friendly round boats, on My Khe Beach
Palm trees and coconut drinks, on My Khe Beach

Less than half an hour away by taxi, you can reach the Son Tra peninsula, on top of wich Linh Ung Pagoda overlooks the city. Lady Buddha statue stands out in the pagoda's country yard and you can enter the temple found inside it and even climb up the statue and enjoy the view.

Linh Ung Pagoda
The iconic statue of Lady Buddha

Some of the most popular destinations you can visit from Da Nang are the Marble Mountains, the picturesque old town of Hoi An (read more about it, here), which is also protected by UNESCO, the legendary city of Hue, once the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty and the My Son complex of Hindu temples.

View from the Marble Mountains
One of the many Hindu Temples of My Son

So, yes Da Nang is worth visiting as a base for your adventures in Central Vietnam and/or as a break destination, which won't however break the bank (see what we did there, hehe). If you're short on time though, you can skip it and only use it as a transit stop for further explorations. We found its central location to be the ideal pick up point for many travel agencies we went on excursions with, and didn't miss the chance to enjoy some luxury too!