• Nick and Elen

Inside Granada's cave houses

You know how croissants taste better in Paris and opera concerts are more enjoyable in Vienna... It's the same way that flamenco shows feel more right in Andalucia, its birthplace. During our visit to Granada, we couldn't not visit Sacromonte. Actually that district was the one we were the most excited about!

Sacromonte is home to the city's Roma community and its cave houses. Stepping in the neighbourhood feels like a travel back in time, where visiting a cave house is the ultimate highlight! We got to visit one of the cave houses, Zambra Maria la Canastera, to watch our very first flamenco dance and music show.

The house was beautifully decorated with traditional copper antiques and vintage photos hanging on the walls of the main hall and we could also take a sneak peek at the house's other rooms!

Once we were seated, we were offered a glass of sangria and soon the orchestra started spreading their melody to the room. One by one, all of the singers and music players were taking to the floor. Not only were they all amazing dancers but their face expressions were also truly dramatic and theatrical!

We were 100% mesmerized by the whole atmosphere and didn't want the show to be over. Thus, we can't recommend this experience more! If you can only book one activity during your stay in Granada, watching a flamenco show must be your choice! Ole!