• Nick and Elen


Updated: Dec 28, 2018

We are strong believers of the idea that when given the chance, one should explore as much as possible of the country/city they visit. So, while we were planning our spring break in Hungary we already knew that we did want to see more than just Budapest.

Here's the rest of the cities we visited, all around Hungary, using mostly trains.

1. Gyor

As Gyor was the very first city we visited, outside Budapest, we were pretty amazed to see how cute, clean and peacful this place was. Soon we were to find out that maybe that's the rule in the hungarian countryside...

Should we even mention how hard it is to beat Gyor's central square, with its double tower church and cute bistros and cafes?

2. Sopron

While we were having lunch on Gyor's central square and looking on the map asking ourselves ''where next'', we came up with the idea of taking the next train not to Budapest but to another city, Sopron. And we did. And it was, oh such a good idea...

Definitely the most colorful town we visited...

3. Szeged

Most of the cities we visited in Hungary gave us a strong impression that the country is a meeting point of eastern and western Europe. And in fact a beautiful and very interesting one. Szeged was not the case though. It somehow had a more ''western-europan-like'' atmosphere which made us say that we could even live there.

Maybe it was its architecture which reminded us of Vienna, or its refreshing parks or just its people, that made us feel this way. Whatever it was, we'll always remember and recommend Szeged as maybe the most interesting town we visited in Hungary, apart from Budapest.

4. Pecs

Last but certainly not least, we visited Pecs. Situated in the southern part of Hungary, Pecs impressed us by its sense of serenity and its beauty. Just like every other city we visited, Pecs is extremely walkable and a tourist Info point in the center of the city makes it even easier for visitors to get around. Try not to miss it, when in Hungary!

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