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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Maastricht, Netherlands. It most probably sounds familiar to you, because of the treaty signed in Maastricht, in 1992. However, few people consider visiting this small town in the Netherlands. After having spent some hours there, a few months ago, we honestly don't see the reason why. Built on both sides of Maas River, at the point where Jeker river joints in,Maastricht has to offer both natural beauty and an interesting, vivacious urban lifestyle. Here's a super quick description of how we spent our 1 day in Maastricht.


Although Maastricht does have an airport, it only has few international connections and as it is an ''unpopular'' choice, airfares can be quite pricey. We would recommend you getting there by train from nearby cities.

  • Amsterdam : It gets almost two and a half hours to get from Amsterdam Centraal train station to Maastricht and the ticket will cost you a maximum of 25 euros.

  • Brussels : If you take the train from Brussels Central or Midi Station you will need less than two hours to arrive in Maastricht, paying around 20 euros.


Maastricht's ultimate highlight is an old Dominican church converted into a bookstore. You can spend time inside the old church, admiring its architecture, book shopping and reading and you can also take a break in the cafeteria which is located inside it.

(Address : Dominicanerplein 1, Maastricht )

Visiting Vrijthof square is another must, when in Maastricht. Right in the middle of the square you'll see the imposing St Servatius Basilica, which is also where St Servatius is buried, while all around it there are numerous cafes if you wish to relax and people watch. Throughout the year, several events and festivals are held in the square, so rememver to check the cultural calendar of the town before getting there.

You could afterwards continue your day, visiting Maastricht's City park, where you will be able to kick back, spend some time in its outdoor zoo (no entrance fee) or have a piqniq, right next to the river and just enjoy nature in all of its beauty, while being in a city.

What we loved the most about Maastricht, were its cobblestone streets and many cafes, restaurants and beer houses. Needless to say that of you don't want to walk, renting a bike is the best way to get around Maastricht, because.....Netherlands!

Having a cruise on Meuse river is another popular activity in Maastricht, as well as a great way for you to see the town.

Here are some more inspiration postcards from Maastricht :

As we only visited Maastricht for a few hours and then went back to our basis, we have no personal recommendation as far as accommodation is concerned.

However, after a quick research we found out that Kruisherenhotel is popular for its luxurious and atmospheric design, while the centrally located B&B De Hofnar is more popular for visitors who travel on a budget.

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