• Nick and Elen

How to plan your road trip in Andalucia

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

To many, Andalucia is Spain's prettiest part and even though it's the only region we've been to in Spain so far, we have no reason to doubt it. Rich in culture, architecture, delicious food, beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque towns, Andalucia seems to have something for everyone. We found hiring a car to be the best way to see Andalucia, however traveling by train is another popular and more budget friendly way to commute.

Getting there Andalucia is home to some of Spain's largest cities like Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga, all of which have airports, so flying into Andalucia is obviously an option. If you're getting into Southern Spain from Morocco (like we did) you can take the ferry from Tangiers to Algeciras. The ride lasts less than 2 hours and offers an amazing opportunity to see the Gibraltar Rock, which is definitely a plus!

The cities Visiting all of the region's big cities is possible and if time is not a problem for you, we'd suggest you do so, as each one of them has a rather unique vibe. Seville is undoubtedly elegant, Malaga is laid back and full of life, Granada is the best option for an authentic flamenco show and Cordoba's Mesquita alone is a good reason not to skip visiting the city.

The countryside If visiting the cities is possible, then visiting as many villages as possible is a MUST! If you have plenty of time you can combine visiting both urban and rural destinations. But if you have to choose between the two, we'd say go for the latter! Andalucia's villages and small towns is where the region's heart beat and where the true charm lays.

The food Andalucia is famous for its tapas, which means that you most probably won't be hungry during your trip. Almost any tapas bar (and even most cafés) in Andalucia offer more than decent tapas menus, including the world popular jamon iberico, several options of plateaux of queso (cheese plateaux) and ensaladilla ruza andaluza.

The language English is not very widely spoken in Andalucia, not even by people who work in the tourism industry. If you speak Spanish you'll obviously be more than fine, however being in a good mood will also help you to overcome the language barrier, even if your knowledge of Spanish is only limited to the words hola and senorita.

Accommodation A great option would be to rent a campervan, which will serve both as your means of transportation and your house, during your trip. If you're travelling by car or train though, consider booking accommodation in areas which will also be convenient bases for nearby daytrips. Obviously, being based in the city and going on excursions to close villages is a great option, but we'd also suggest spending at least 1 or 2 nights in Andalucia's countryside.

How much time you'll need Honesty, that's really up to you. How much of the region to you want to see, what's your budget and how many days you have in total? Obviously, the "the more the merrier" rule applies, however you can also take a good taste of Andalucia within 5 days, which will be enough for visiting one big city and 2-3 small villages.

The budget Spain is rather budget friendly, however you'll still need to do your homework beforehand. Fuel cost is relatively low, especially at Repsol gas stations (not sponsored) and you can also find cheap but decent accommodation, either at hotels or Airbnb apartments. Eating out won't break the bank either, however you might consider buying a few sandwich ingredients from a local supermarket, especially if you're on a budget.