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A guide to exploring the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

During our journey to Switzerland, we decided to devote a whole day to explore some of the country's alpine villages, loctaed in the Jungfrau Region and actually get deeper into what Switzerland is all about. Let's just say that if swiss cities can be called beautiful, the swiss countryside could only be called stunning! The imposing Alps, with their snow capped peaks, the innumerous lakes and the thousands of small and big waterfalls coming down the mountains, set the perfect scene for any traveller's swiss adventure.

Prior to our arrival we did some research, trying to make our alpine adventure as smooth as possible, so here's a quick guide we've come up with, in order to help you organise your journey through the swiss Alps.


Most of the alpine villages are car-free and are connected to each other with railways, funiculars and cable cars. If you plan to visit several villages, you can either buy single tickets for each one of your destinations throughout your trip, or get yourself a Ski Pass for 72 euros per person, which will allow you to move freely between most of the villages, even if you don't have any ski equipment.


In most of the villages, hotels and BnBs are available for visitors but make sure to book early, especially if you're visiting during the high season from March to August.

We chose to stay in the village of Wilderswil and move around the other villages using the railway.


Grindelwald is an ideal getaway to the Jungfrau region, as it is easily accesible by train or even by car. The village offers spectacular views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains and will make you start picturing how tranquil life under the Alps must be...

Once your visit to Grindelwal is over, follow the signs which lead to Maanlichenbahn and hop in to the cable car, which will take you up to Mannlichen itself.

Although Mannlichen is a mountain and not a village, we believe that it is worth to spend some time up there and enjoy the snow. You can find cafes and food stalls there and even sunbeds (for 5 euros each) to soak in the swiss sun, while being surrounded by snow. If you're more into winter sports, you can always combine skiing and snowboarding with some incredible views of the Alps!

You can then take the cableway to Wengen, a cute village made exclusively of beautiful, timber chalets at a 1274m altitude. Once again, the views over the Alps will take your breath away.

You can then make your way to the iconic village of Lauterbrunnen, by taking the train from Wengen. Lauterbrunnen is built at a much lower altitude valley and is literally surrounded by imposing mountains and cliffs. What makes Lauterbrunnen so popular though is the 300m high Staubbach waterfalls coming down from the cliffs and right among the village's chalets.

Your day could perfectly end at Murren, by taking first the funicular and then the train from Lauterbrunnen. Its dramatic location make it perfect for a calm ending to an adventurous day of hopping on and off of trains and cable cars around the Alps. Wait until golden hour and watch the peaks of the mountains turning slightly pink and then

make your way back to where your journey started from, again using the railway and cableway.

Click here for further information about connections between villages and detailed timetables.

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