• Nick and Elen

Essaouira : Doors and beyond: A photo diary

Also known as Morocco's windy city, Essaouira ranks among the country's most popular destinations both for surfers and tourists. Visitors, who wish to escape the chaos of bigger, bustling Moroccan cities often choose this coastal town to take some time off and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Laid back, boho and slow paced are only some of the words that could best describe Essaouira and that was exactly what we were also looking for, after a few days in hectic Marrakesh. More than a few travel agencies can arrange your transfer to Essaouira and some of them, might even offer a guided tour of the town. Alternatively, you can reach Essaouira by bus from Casablanca and Marrakesh or even fly straight into it, if you choose to make it your first stop in Morocco.

Skala du Port, the Citadel and the Medina, are Essaouira's highlights and you most probably won't need more than a day to explore it.

Below, you'll find a collection of our favourite pictures we took in Essaouira that will hopefully make you include this Atlantic coast gem to your next Moroccan itinerary.