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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

We might have not been everywhere in the Netherlands, but after visiting Utrecht we can say that we maybe have visited the cutest Dutch city of them all! Being the third largest city in the country, Utrecht is a smaller but maybe prettier version of Amsterdam, full of vibrance - thanks to its many international students- peacful canals, the traditional ol' time favourite Dutch architecture, with the ginger bread houses and the cobblestone alleways and of course more than enough bikes!

Although spending a few days in Utrecht would be a delight, it's also an ideal day trip destination from Amsterdam, as it only takes half an hour to get there by train. When we visited Utrecht, we were staying a bit further, in the city of Maastricht, so it took us a good 2 hours to reach it, which yet again is no big deal, right?

When we arrived , we walked straight to the old town (10-15 minutes by foot, from the train station), in search of some freshly baked pastries and a cup of good cappuccino. Our steps led us to Stach (which you can also find in Amsterdam), where we had delicious cookies and brownies and also got to play around its instagrammable corners, with our camera, haha!

We then had to decide whether we wanted to see the city on foot, by the water or by bike... and came down to the conclusion that we wanted it all! So we started walking all around the place, till we found a rental canal bikes stall, right by the river and hopped into one of them. Riding our river bike turned out to be such a fun way to see the city and also made us feel slightly less guilty for the burgers we were going to have later (keep reading) .

If you are not lucky enought to have the weather on your side during your visit to Utrecht, you can always take a boat tour and get to learn a lot about Utrecht's history by the boat guide too.

So fast forward to the burgers! After all of the biking, we really needed to fuel up so we headed to Anna's Lunchroom , where we opted for the hummus veggie sandwich and the yin yang chicken burger. Both of them were yummy and the waitress was super nice and helpful too, so give it a try when you're in town!

Full as we were, we kept walking a bit more around Utrecht and was then time to head to the central station and take the train back, so here are a few more snaps of the city's old town. Enjoy!

Now over to you: Which is your favourite Dutch city and why? Let us know in the comments down below, or on our FB or IG page!

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