• Nick and Elen

Chefchaouen photo inspiration

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Of all the possible combinations we could make in order to shape our Morocco trip itinerary, we knew there was one destination that just had to be included. And that was Chefchaouen. So, we planned accordingly and made sure to let the team of Private Tours of Morocco know that Chefchaouen was a must for us.

Nestled somewhere in the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen stands out for being entirely painted blue. All of the houses and even most of the streets are blue, making this little town one of the most unusual (and definitely instagrammable) places to visit. Apart from looks though, Chefchaouen also has a lot to say, due to its rich history. Initially a fortress against the Portuguese and later on part of Spanish Morocco, the so called Blue Pearl is today one of Morocco's most visited towns.

As for the reason behind the "all blue everything" concept, there's a good number of theories and possible explanations. According to some, the town is painted blue simply for standing out and thus being more attractive to tourists. Others say that blue keeps the mosquitoes away (speaking from experience, it does NOT work), while there's a theory which suggests that blue color symbolizes heaven and works as a reminder to lead a spiritual life. Finally, it is partly believed that it was the town's Jewish community who spread the blue-mania, for symbolic religious reasons.

Let's be honest, though: regardless the reason, Chefchaouen is simply charming and can't leave anyone untouched. Don't know about you, but we had never been to a place so unreal and dreamy, before visiting Chefchaouen. Simply put, Chefchaouen made us feel as if we were in a dream, where we could walk, breathe and laugh, in the bottom of a mysterious sea, somewhere in a parallel universe.

Here's some more photo inspiration, to hopefully make you book your next trip to Chefchaouen right away!