• Nick and Elen


Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Nick had the day off, the weather was good and taking a daytrip seemed to be the best option. So we got in the car and hit the road to the nearby city of Chalkida, located on Evia island.

It's only an hour away from Athens and it's one of the top places that Athenians choose when they want to escape for a few hours. Located by the sea, Chalkida offers to its visitors the option to have really good and fresh seafood all year round.

So, to sum up: greek seafood, by the sea, with this view. Should I say anything more?

say anything more?

Our fave part of the city was for sure its seaside promenade. The spot is perfect for people watching too as Chalkida is also a vibrant city full of young people and university students. So, grab an ice cream, a baked corn, some coffee, your partner's hand or whatever you want to and walk or just kick back and watch other people doin' their stuff.

Extra tip: Once in Chalkida don't forget to check the so called ''crazy waters'' aka a physical phenomenon which makes the sea water flowing from the North to the South for 6 hours , then stop moving for 8 minutes and then start flowing again this time from the South to the North for another 6 hours! Pretty crazy, right?