• Nick and Elen


Few cites are privileged enough to have both a beautiful historical centre and a stunningly elegant modern part. And yes, Lyon is one of them.

Here is where you will take some of the most colourful photos in France, as well as meet some of the nicest people. Lyon is also the gastronomic capital of France, meaning that you can expect to taste the best of what French cuisine has to offer.

So let's get down to business and give you all of the reasons to visit Lyon, aka Paris of the South, as we decided to name it!

1. Fourvière

Probably one of our favourite things to do when visiting a new place, is admiring it from above. Panoramic views are our thing and searching for viewpoints prior to our arrival to a place is always in our to do list. In Lyon, that place is Fourvière! You can either drive up there or just take the funicular, from metro station "Vieux Lyon" . Take a moment to overwatch Lyon and get an overall sense of orientation.

2. Basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière

Once up at Fourvière, you can also take the chance to admire Lyon 's Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière. Its outside design is rather impressive but what's more interesting is that it actually consists of two churches in the inside, the one on top of the other, as well as a crypt. You can enter the basilica church(es) for free and see for yourself their inner design, simple for the lower church and richly ornated for the upper one.

3. Vieux Lyon

Lyon 's old town, also known as St John's district, is one of the largest old towns in France, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage area. Located on the west bank of Saône river, Vieux Lyon is a peaceful micro universe of cobbled alleyways, cute squares, corner cafés, bistros and boulangeries which never cease to spread that old familiar pastry scent in the air.

4. Rivers and Bridges

Lyon sits on the junction of Rhône and Saône rivers and its mainland parts are connected with each other with numerous bridges, some of which are exclusively pedestrian ones. Passarelle Paul Couturier was our favourite one, but we also enjoyed walking on the banks of the rivers , mostly due to the beautiful and colourful buildings located on them.

5. Place Bellecour

Lyon is home to more than a few squares and place Bellecour is one of the largest and prettiest ones. It is located in the centre of the peninsula formed between Saône and Rhône rivers, also known as Presqu 'île.

Lyon's biggest commercial streets, such as rue de la Republique, start from here and this is also where you'll find the city's tourist office and central post office.

6. Museums

Museum lovers will be excited to learn that Lyon is home to plenty of them. Fine arts, fabric, miniatures, African, modern art and printing are only some of the museums you'll find here, so worry not!

7. Suggested day trip

Only half an hour away from Lyon, is the small medieval village of Pérouges. It is the ideal place to take a break away from the city's hassle and step back in time, by getting lost in the village's cobbled alleys.

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