• Nick and Elen


If you're looking for some inspiration or just a sign about where you should travel next, you're in the right place! Here are ten (out of many) reasons of why you should visit Slovenia soon :

1. Because its natural beauty will leave you speechless! Lots of greenary, flowing rivers, towering mountains, peacful lakes, mysterious caves, Slovenia has it all when it comes to landscapes.

2. Because it's a small country, which means you can easily hop from one place to another in no time!

3. Because it borders Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary, which means that you have endless options when it comes to daytrips.

4. Because its capital city, Ljubljana, is one of the cuttest, most charming, vivacious and green capitals in Europe.

5. Because (for some reason we can't explain) it's not full of tourists yet, which means you'll get to enjoy it at your own pace, in a lower cost, without having to deal with the crowds.

6. Because compared to Northen Italy and Austria, Slovenia is a cheaper yet equally beautiful alternative choice, with similar landscapes and amazing ski resorts!

7. Because some of Europe's most tasty wines are produced there!

8. Because Piran, Koper and Isola make its short coastline really beautiful and worthvisiting.

9. Because you can do your fave extreme sports inside Slovenia's scenic landscapes. Hiking, gliding, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving ... you name it, Slovenia offers it!

10. Because it hosts some of Europe's most beautiful and scenic castles, like Predjama and Bled.

+ 1. Because having read all of the above reasons, Slovenia is now part of your "bucket list" and you HAVE TO tick it off.